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Let’s Decorate for Summer!

Hopefully you lightened up your house’s winter atmosphere when spring arrived, but summer’s here and it’s even airier. Summer means color and sunshine and fun; all things you want your home to reflect. You can create the utmost inviting atmosphere for your abode without breaking the bank with our help. Just read on!

Living rooms are made for relaxation and it’s the place where you and your guests spend the majority of your time, so update yours with a fresh new look that’s ideal for laid-back living during the summer months. Fresh white walls are the epitome of summer style allowing you to experiment with different colors and themes against a works-with-everything backdrop. While you’re experimenting, get rid of any heavy fabrics, such as curtains and replace them with something that will let the sunlight stream through. Nothing says summer quite like a sun filled room.

Blue skies, fields of flowers and all the sunlight you can handle can serve as inspiration to add bright colors to your home. Just one piece of furniture repainted or reupholstered in a vibrant shade could completely change the mood of your living room, giving it a more positive feel. Add a floral touch with a chair with a flowered pattern. Keep flooring neutral; bare floorboards or a pale carpet will work with any scheme (and then you can add a colorful rug or the such!).

table to nightstand

Looking for a change in the bedroom? How about a DIY project for a little color infusion? Turn an unused table into a pair of stylish and useful nightstands in a bright, cheerful hue. Want to brighten up your kids room or even just a hallway? Do it in a snap with a bookcase. Add unexpected color to a room by painting the inside of a bookcase in a hot hue.


The colors and patterns you choose for not just your walls and accessories but your furniture are important to the overall look and feel of the effect you’re going for, so keep that in mind when picking out new furniture. We have an incredible myriad of looks and styles available, always reasonably priced, and we’re always available to help you pick your new favorite item. So if you’re doing a little summer redecorating, browse our website or visit one of our stores – we’ll have you relaxing in your own personal oasis in no time!

Summer Ready Homes

Summer is fast approaching and while you probably made a few changes to your home décor to transition from winter to spring, there are also ways to transition from spring to summer.  Spring is full of nature and flowers and growth while summer is full of lazy, hazy days and (hopefully) bright sunshine and warmth.  It’s easy to make small changes to your home style to incorporate the summer haze.  Read on for some ideas!

  • Replace your coffee table.  Lighten up your living room or den by storing your coffee table and replacing it for the summer with an ottoman big enough to store your stuff or something similar such as ceramic Chinese garden seats.
  • Use new pillows or new pillowcases to brighten up your sunroom or living room.  Choose bright colors such as yellow or orange to incorporate the colors of summer and the sun.
  • Toss your traditional vases and store your flowers in something else like a clear or painted glass jug, pitcher, mug or teacup.
  • Bring your favorite piece of outdoor furniture inside – it’s an excellent way to bring in the outdoors in a non-traditional sense.
  • Dress up your closets.  Wallpaper the inside of your closets to quickly spruce up and brighten a room or hallway.
  • Try a nautical look to invoke the sea and sailing, both of which are representative of summer vacations.

There’s no shortage of ways to brighten up your home (and patio!) for the warm days of summer.  Stop by our store today to see what’s new and let us help you pick out the perfect summer look for your home!