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Why You Should Invest in a Sideboard

Sideboards have been around since the 18th Century, storing our stuff and generally helping us be more organized. While sideboards (also known as buffets, consoles, and credenzas) started out in dining rooms as a place to hold cutlery, dishes, napkins, etc., they’re now being incorporated throughout the entire house. Wherever you use them, sideboards serve a great many purposes and offer a great many uses.


  1. Sideboards slip into slim spaces. Most sideboards are thin/shallow which makes them easy to fit into tight spaces like hallways or next to the bed. Choose a design with sliding doors to save more space.

  2. Have an open floor plan like a loft space? A sideboard can divide the space up. Place the sideboard behind the sofa to create space between the living area and dining area.

  3. Sideboards make great alternatives to the typical media cabinets and dressers. Mount your TV above a sideboard that’s equally as wide to create balance (or just place it on the sideboard) or simply use a sideboard in place of a dresser.

  4. Use a sideboard to organize your entry hallway. Your foyer/entry hallway can be a hectic place since it’s where everyone tends to dump their stuff. Having a sideboard there means each member of the family can have a drawer or compartment for their keys, scarves, gloves, etc. Voila, cleanliness!

  5. Sideboards blend in. Furniture used for storage tends to be fairly open (think bookcases and modular shelving units) but with sideboards, everything is hidden for a streamlined, clutter-free look.

  6. Make your kid’s room more stylish with a funky sideboard used for storage. They’re perfect for storing things like Legos and art supplies plus you can fit bigger stuff in the cabinet parts.

  7. Create a bar. Add a tray for an ice bucket, serving glasses, and whatever your poison to a sidebar and you’re set!

  8. Sideboards can ground artwork. Placing a sideboard underneath a piece of art on the wall draws the eye to the art. If you have a piece you particularly love, try this trick out.

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Sideboards are useful creatures, can be eye-catching pieces, and are fabulous for organization. Whatever you decide to use them for and wherever you decide to put them, it’s a sure bet you’ll be happy. If you need help deciding what sideboard is best for you, visit us online today, drop by the store or call, and we’ll be happy to help out! We can’t wait to help you find your new piece!

Are You Ready for Game Day?

It’s September, which equals fall, and that can only mean one thing…GAME DAYS!!! More often than not your game days will consist of football, football and more football (as they should!) but don’t forget you can expand upon Game Day by having a variety of themed Game Days over the course of fall. Game Day can mean board games; it can be the big fight; or it can be a simple, friendly game of Exploding Kittens (what? It’s a real game!). Whatever your Game Day activities, make sure you’re prepared for the influx of friends, food and fun by having the most accommodating and comfortable furniture around!

You’re going to have a lot of people gathered in the living room if you’re having a football or big fight (or something similar) Game Day (or Night)! Make sure you’ve got places for those peeps to sit with a jumbo sectional. We’ve got you’ve covered with a plethora of designs, styles and prices, so you’re guaranteed to have the comfiest seat in the neighborhood! We’ve also got a great array of entertainment centers and TV stands that will fit any TV, big or small, that will show off your favorite team and athletes in style! Last but not least, don’t forget the snackage! You’re going to need some serious Game Day munchies to feed your crowd, but you’ll also need a place to put everything so you can concentrate on cheering on the team. Grab up a sweet trestle or pub table for a laidback, fun look (don’t worry, we have regular tables too, if that’s your style)!


Speaking of tables, are you prepared for the entirely fun but entirely different Game Day/Night of board and card games? Whether you’re down’n’dirty in a serious game of Texas Hold ‘Em or flying high with those Exploding Kittens, the perfect game table is a MUST. We’ve got a GREAT selection of game tables that are perfect for any game. Your house is going to be the most happening Game Day spot in the neighborhood! And when you get thirsty after all those intense hands, just grab a drink off one of the fabulous servers we have to offer – from simple & rustic to fancy, schmancy.

Pub table

Now that we’ve redecorated your place for the upcoming fall fun times, come on down to Suburban Furniture or visit our site to see our selection yourself. You can even design your own room plan on our site! Fall is a great time to update your home’s style, any way you look at it.