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Fall Furniture Trends

Summer has quickly turned to Fall and with the seasons changing, it may be time to give your furniture a change as well. There are many ways to achieve a fresh new furniture look, whether that be changing color schemes, the style of your furniture, or even just rearranging furniture items that you may already have. Ready your home for the Fall season with some of these trendy tips and tricks.

Fall Colors

Trendy Fall furniture colors seem to mimic the colors of the infamous Autumn leaves. You cannot go wrong with dark browns and bright orange and yellows. Although these are Fall colors, do not be fooled! These colors will stay relevant all year long. Vibrant colored furniture is not only in for the season but also for the 2014-15 year. If you are willing to be even more bold, metallic leather is also a very big trend. The brighter the better! And these colors can be incorporated into any room in your home.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

While the backyard barbeques may be coming to an end, luckily there is a current furniture trend that enables you to bring the outside to the inside. Outdoor furniture for the indoors is a leading trend at the moment but it must be carefully done. The pieces must be sophisticated enough to not look out of place inside of your home. While this can be tricky, when done right it can be an excellent addition to your interior décor.

Suburban Furniture has everything you need to keep up to date with this seasons’ fashion. Whether it be sofas and recliners, dressers and desks, or tables and chairs, we have anything that you could possibly be looking for. Browse our website or visit any of our stores to get inspired!

Redecorate Without Breaking the Bank!

Redecorate Without Breaking the Bank!

You’re ready to redecorate (or at least update) your furniture but you’re worried about whether you can afford it.  It’s easy enough to spice up your home without breaking the bank, at least if you have a look at the tips below!  Whether you’re just in the mood for some spring spice or are trying to make some changes to sell your home, we can help you decorate on a budget.

  • Pick a theme for your home and stick to it! Planning is the most important part of saving money when decorating and the entire process starts in the mind. Pick a theme for your home and this will streamline the stuff that you need to purchase and will give you a clear idea about what exactly you need. Some themes are obviously better than others when it comes to saving cash. A minimalist theme is the most preferred when it comes to saving costs while a grand Victorian style is not really advisable.
  • Fix a budget. Obviously this may be the most important tip of all – if you pre-decide on how much you want to spend, you can break it down into how much you can spend on each item or each room of your home.
  • Research extensively and shop online!  Research on-line but beware of internet only furniture sites: As with anything, a well laid plan supported by research often gets you the best results and keeps you within your budget.  There is a myth that buying on-line is always cheaper.  While this may hold true for certain industries like books and electronics, where the model is the model and it is the same no matter where you buy it, furniture is different.  Furniture is a very “see it, feel it, touch it in person” purchase. Would you really buy a sofa without sitting on it?  Or a mattress without laying on it? Of course not.  It’s easy to make furniture look good in a picture, but what’s underneath the fabric and how that dresser is constructed is just as important as how it looks.  It could also mean the difference between you replacing your furniture in a couple of years or enjoying it for seven to ten or more years.  You may end up spending more in the long run replacing poor quality furniture.  Also, be aware of the return and repair policies of on-line sites.  They may not be as flexible as your local furniture store’s personalized customer service. And be cautious of Free Shipping.  Often times this means Curbside Delivery, where the truck pulls to the end of your drive way and you and your twelve year old are struggling with a 300 pound piece of furniture. We are all about great deals, but add all of these things up, and your local furniture is more often the better value.
  • Add an interesting item.  Bringing in a book shelf or mirror is an interior decorating idea that adds new life to the home and also organizes the space.
  • Sell old things to generate money for the new.  If you have old stuff lying around and it’s unlikely you will ever use them again, then sell it and buy new décor with that cash. Sure, it may not cover much, but whatever you earn with the sale will reduce your decorating costs. 

Decorating on a budget isn’t as hard as one would think – you just need the right mindset and a few handy tips.  Did you know you can browse our entire store online?  Check out what we have to offer at, then email us, visit our Facebook page or drop by and ask any questions you might have!