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Need a Little Inspiration for Your Child’s Room?

We’ve shown you some of the more…interesting trends of furniture that are currently out there but what about fun or intriguing kids’ furniture?  Your child is full of whimsy and imagination so why shouldn’t their furniture be too?  Here’s a look at some of the cooler pieces we found in our search for what can really capture the fun of being a kid.


Here’s some fun kids’ furniture made of foam in different animal shapes and other neat shapes.  Seems pretty indestructible as well as adorable!  (Source:


Here we have a nest/cave built by a group who design children’s furniture to research how they play and work.  We really just like the eyes!  (Source:


This Alice in Wonderland inspired piece is whimsical and functional – plenty of space for your child’s things and interesting enough they’ll want to play on it.  (Source:


Having trouble getting your kids to stay in their own bed at night?  Why not get them a fun and unique bed they won’t want to leave? (Source:

Remember, when it comes to getting furniture for your children’s room, you can have both durability and fun.  Mix and match pieces that will be easy for you to work with and fun for them to have.  Stop by our store today to see what we have in stock!