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Why is it important to have healthy sleep habits and the right mattress?


Everything you do on a daily basis is impacted by how well, or poorly, you sleep. Finding the right mattress and pillow for you and building healthy sleep habits can impact everything from aches and pains, to how productive you are at work, to what kind of mood you’re in. Getting a full night’s sleep can make it easier to cut out that extra cup of coffee or energy drink you may rely on every day.

How Do You Sleep?

How you sleep is a huge part of finding a mattress that is not only comfortable but also instrumental in ensuring you wake up every morning feeling refreshed and without aches or pains.

Side Sleeper- If you’re a side sleeper you will likely find your best night’s sleep on a softer mattress that allows your hip to sink into the mattress a little bit. This give from the mattress allows your hip to drop down a bit and allows your spine to properly align.

Back Sleeper- If you’re a back sleeper you will likely find your best night’s sleep on a softer mattress that allows your shoulders and hips to sink in a little bit and allow your spine to properly align. If a mattress is too firm you will likely feel uncomfortable points of pressure similar to the pain many of us feel after sitting in a car for a long drive.

Stomach Sleeper- If you’re a stomach sleeper then your best night’s sleep will likely come from a firmer mattress. Unlike back and side sleeper’s you’re already putting yourself in a position where your spine is aligned. This means that a mattress with more give will actually cause your spine to slump a bit which could lead to you waking up with back pain.

We’ll have more blogs on sleep health and how the importance of mattresses in the sleep equation, so make sure you continue to drop by on the reg! And if you’re ready to shop for your new mattress so you can get the best night’s sleep possible, simply visit us HERE.

Master the Art of Bedroom Design

Every once in awhile it’s nice to do something for ourselves and one of the greatest things you can do for yourself is designing the perfect bedroom. Think about it – you likely spend a good chunk of time in the bedroom, for several reasons. High on that list of reasons come relaxation and rest. Bedrooms are our safe havens; our calm in the storms. Having one that reflects your (and your spouse’s, if applicable!) style will help create a more centering and relaxing spot in your home. Plus, you can do it for cheaper than you think!

First things first, incorporate your aesthetic (or aesthetics). If it’s you and you alone, you’re free to do whatever you want, whether it be a room full of clown paintings (*shivers*) to a sleek, modern design. If you have a partner, there’s going to be some give and take though. Either try to find middle ground or decide on an eclectically designed space that incorporates both of your preferred styles.

Next up, slap some paint on those walls! There is NO better way to brighten and re-freshen a room than with a new coat of paint. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to make a dramatic change to any space. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color, find something in the room for inspiration. Just make sure it matches and make sure the paint really, really matches the paint chip. We know someone who ended up with a Pepto Bismol pink office instead of a rose office because of this…true story.

Remember that accessories are your friends. There are hundreds (nay millions!) of inexpensive ways to accessorize a room. Rugs, throw pillows, sheets and a cozy comforter are quick and inexpensive ways to add extra warmth, color and beauty to your master retreat. Likewise, art painted by friends, a wall of framed photography or books, or a cool piece of furniture for a side table, etc., can make the eclectic look come together!

Really important though? You need to get a new mattress. How long have you been sleeping on that mattress? Go on, we’ll wait while you count back through the years…that long, huh? If your mattress is more than 7 years old; shows visible signs of wear (it’s dipping, has lumps, the interior is exposed, etc.); you get a better night’s sleep ANYWHERE but your own bed (sofa, dog house, wherever); or you wake up with stiffness, numbness, or aches, then your mattress has stopped supporting you. It’s time to get a mattress that has you feeling like your on a cloud (or rock, if that’s your preference), so you can wake up feeling like a million bucks. If you absolutely can’t afford a new mattress at the moment, at least upgrade what you’ve got with some memory foam or mattress pad, okay?

We’ve been serving the Roxbury Township, Morris, Warren and Sussex County and Northern New Jersey areas for over 50 years. Our customers value us for our large selection, beautiful showroom, fair prices and immediate delivery. Still family owned after 50 years we are committed to providing a unique, family friendly, comfortable place to shop for your home. Our caring staff, combined with affordable, in-stock furniture will help you furnish your home in hours, not months. Drop by one of our showrooms today or visit us online to see what kind of bedroom perfection we can help you create!

50 Years and Counting!

It’s our 50th anniversary…WOW. We were there when astronauts first walked in space, the Beatles and Rolling Stones came onto the scene, and LBJ was president. And we’re still going strong! In celebration, we’re throwing our BIGGEST sale ever and extending an invite to you to join in the fun and savings.

Now through November 13th, everything in the store is HALF-OFF, plus interest-free financing! Yes, you heard that right – everything in our store is 50% off. Bedroom sets, dining room tables, bookshelves and office furniture, sofas, and more are waiting for you to come by and take a look and buy them and half-off. What are you waiting for?

In the same Succasunna location since 1966, we know that the best way to keep growing is to take care of all the people who made us a success in the first place: great local customers like you! Come join our celebration and save a bundle. Shop early for the best selection and save 50% on everything!

Redecorate Without Breaking the Bank!

Redecorate Without Breaking the Bank!

You’re ready to redecorate (or at least update) your furniture but you’re worried about whether you can afford it.  It’s easy enough to spice up your home without breaking the bank, at least if you have a look at the tips below!  Whether you’re just in the mood for some spring spice or are trying to make some changes to sell your home, we can help you decorate on a budget.

  • Pick a theme for your home and stick to it! Planning is the most important part of saving money when decorating and the entire process starts in the mind. Pick a theme for your home and this will streamline the stuff that you need to purchase and will give you a clear idea about what exactly you need. Some themes are obviously better than others when it comes to saving cash. A minimalist theme is the most preferred when it comes to saving costs while a grand Victorian style is not really advisable.
  • Fix a budget. Obviously this may be the most important tip of all – if you pre-decide on how much you want to spend, you can break it down into how much you can spend on each item or each room of your home.
  • Research extensively and shop online!  Research on-line but beware of internet only furniture sites: As with anything, a well laid plan supported by research often gets you the best results and keeps you within your budget.  There is a myth that buying on-line is always cheaper.  While this may hold true for certain industries like books and electronics, where the model is the model and it is the same no matter where you buy it, furniture is different.  Furniture is a very “see it, feel it, touch it in person” purchase. Would you really buy a sofa without sitting on it?  Or a mattress without laying on it? Of course not.  It’s easy to make furniture look good in a picture, but what’s underneath the fabric and how that dresser is constructed is just as important as how it looks.  It could also mean the difference between you replacing your furniture in a couple of years or enjoying it for seven to ten or more years.  You may end up spending more in the long run replacing poor quality furniture.  Also, be aware of the return and repair policies of on-line sites.  They may not be as flexible as your local furniture store’s personalized customer service. And be cautious of Free Shipping.  Often times this means Curbside Delivery, where the truck pulls to the end of your drive way and you and your twelve year old are struggling with a 300 pound piece of furniture. We are all about great deals, but add all of these things up, and your local furniture is more often the better value.
  • Add an interesting item.  Bringing in a book shelf or mirror is an interior decorating idea that adds new life to the home and also organizes the space.
  • Sell old things to generate money for the new.  If you have old stuff lying around and it’s unlikely you will ever use them again, then sell it and buy new décor with that cash. Sure, it may not cover much, but whatever you earn with the sale will reduce your decorating costs. 

Decorating on a budget isn’t as hard as one would think – you just need the right mindset and a few handy tips.  Did you know you can browse our entire store online?  Check out what we have to offer at, then email us, visit our Facebook page or drop by and ask any questions you might have!

What To Do First When Decorating

What To Do First When Decorating

You’ve read our blogs and you’ve stopped by our store and you’re ready to start redecorating your home!  Maybe you’ve already picked out the perfect furniture or maybe you’re still deciding.  Either way there are a few things you should know when you’re redecorating – where to start, what to do first and a host of other tips you should know.

Just starting your redecorating journey?  First, you need to identify the major problems and major areas you want to work on.  Next, set your budget. Follow this up by considering the scope of your project – how large or small it may be and how much time it will take.  Finally decide your decorating style (we gave you tips on how to do just that in a previous blog!) and remember that YOU are the boss!  Now it’s time to have fun!

Once you’ve done all that, it’s time to find some inspiration.  Start slowly and figure out what you really want.  Seek out places, people and things that you adore.  A great way to find inspiration is to view model homes or decorator show houses.  These show houses feature the work of talented interior designers and showcase their style and sense of design.  Watch design shows on television and visit home improvement websites to find what draws you in.  Visit museums and antique stores. Research design magazines and design books – you can find inspiration anywhere you turn!

And finally a few dos of decorating:

  • Sketch your floor plan before you start.
  • Do identify the focal point of the room (a fireplace, a view, a bed, an armoire).
  • Do define a room’s style in writing, being specific. (Not just “country French”, but “French Country with a rooster motif, chicken wire cupboard fronts, and a color scheme that includes black and gold.”)
  • Do coordinate fabric and flooring choices before making any major purchases, and before choosing exact paint colors.

And some don’ts:

  • Don’t let someone make choices for you.  Your home is your personal space. Don’t let someone else tell you what you should do.
  • Don’t paint first. You can buy paint in every color under the sun. In fact, you can have paint mixed in any imaginable color you might want. Choose fabric, carpet, and upholstery first.
  • Don’t let your furniture hug the walls. Don’t arrange the chairs, sofa, and tables all around the room unless you have no choice. Make groupings of furniture for conversations and pull pieces into the center of the room for a warmer feeling of comfort.
  • Don’t settle for cheap.  Don’t choose a piece of furniture because of a pretty cover or fun color. First, see if it’s well made, has interesting details or classic lines. If it does, you can always recover the upholstery in a fabric you choose or refinish the frame.

And finally (and most important) – have a great time recreating your home and life!

Why Shop Suburban Furniture?


Why shop Suburban Furniture?  Because we’re different from all the rest.  Suburban Furniture is family owned which means we are committed to providing a unique, family friendly and comfortable place for you to shop for your home and we’ve been family owned for over 50 years.  We’ve also been serving the Roxbury Township, Morris, Warren, Sussex County and Northern New Jersey areas for all of those years.  We’ve been around for quite awhile helping you furnish your home with affordable and in-stock furniture and we plan on being around for a very long time! Great prices, great selection plus great service is our winning combination. But what else makes us different, you ask?  Read on!

We Care

Because our community has treated us so well over the years, we like to give back to our community through support. We belong to the local, state and national Chambers of Commerce. We have contributed to local charities and charitable functions, including the Roxbury and Randolph schools, local churches, Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, youth sports teams, the Morris County College scholarship fund, Market Street Mission, the Salvation Army, and St. Clare’s Hospital, just to name a few. We have also sponsored Child Safety Day here at the store with the Roxbury Police for several years.


We also believe in “Going Green” as the environmental movement is calling it. The roof on our store is outfitted with solar panels, offsetting approximately two thirds of our electricity consumption. We have instituted several different, employee inspired, recycling programs, eliminating close to 100% of our cardboard and Styrofoam from ever entering the waste stream. We have also transformed our showroom’s lights to incorporate energy efficient lighting. In our Randolph warehouse, we use sensor lighting that turns off if there is no activity in the area. One of our major bedroom and dining room suppliers plants a new tree for every one they use in their manufacturing process. We believe every little bit helps.

We’ve Got It All and the Awards to Prove It

Don’t take our word for it.  Listen to others in our industry and community who have voted for us to receive some very prestigious awards. Our showroom has been awarded Best Retailer/Showroom awards from the Metropolitan Furnishings Association several times. And the Daily Record readers have voted us Best Furniture store in Morris County over and over again.

So come on down, even if you’re just looking for ideas. You can expect to see items from all different categories including adult and youth bedrooms, dining rooms, dinettes/kitchen sets, living rooms, recliners, sectionals, sofa beds, entertainment centers and TV carts, mattresses (including the famous Tempurpedic Sleep Systems), cocktail and end tables, home office, accent pieces, lamps, pictures and art. We’ve got it all.   And don’t forget to ask about Same Day Delivery.