Victorian Style Era (1840-1910)

Last time on The History of American Made Furniture, we discussed the Shaker style known for its simple and conservative style of design.  The basic look had many straight lines and very simple knobs and other elements and was originally produced by a religious group in the United States. Today we’ll take a look at what followed the Shaker style – the Victorian style era.

The Victorian style was named after Queen Victoria of England who ruled in the late 1800s and as popularized from 1840 to 1910.  Victorian furniture was known for having darker finishes and very elaborate and ornate designs.  In fact, the Victorian age furniture draws its influence from gothic forms with heavy proportions, dark finish, elaborate carving, and ornamentation. Victorian age furniture has a strong Rococo and Louis XV influence. Exaggerated curves, lush upholstery and decorative carvings are featured.  Below you’ll find a Victorian bedroom and sitting room.



During this era, manufacturing of furniture due to the industrial revolution and changes in technology, became easier. Mass production was now viable.  Because of these changes in production, Victorian style furniture was more readily available to consumers.

If you’d like to learn more about the specifics and details of the Victorian Style, you can visit Connected Lines.  And if you’re looking for furniture of your very own, stop by our shop or visit us online today!

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