Determining Your Decorating Style

Thinking about redecorating?  Trying to discover your decorating style and wondering how to go about doing it?  Sure you know what you like but how do you know exactly what will fit your decorating needs?  Articulating your decorating style can sometimes be difficult but you can easily identify the style you desire. Read on to find out how to discover your decorating style!

  • Look at your furniture. With a pad in hand, walk from room to room and make two truthful lists: “Love It” and “Wish I Could Replace It.” Catalog everything you can, including art―and be honest.
  • Look at the items you love.  Look around your house or apartment and identify the things that make you feel beautiful and happy, whether it be photos of loved ones, photos of places you want to visit, clothing that makes you feel special when you wear it or items such as knickknacks.
  • Think about the places you love and why you love them.  Think outside the home.  Is there a particular spot in the world that you love or have always wanted to visit?  If you had an unlimited budget, what would you buy first?  This moves you beyond the limitations of your lifestyle and budget and into a new realm of creativity.
  • Look for common threads―design, colors, shapes, materials, vibe―among the things you treasure. See which of the styles pictured here your picks most jive with. You may find yourself attracted to a blend of styles rather than just one; as you delve into the following rooms, note which features appeal to you. This will help you translate your taste into smart decorating choices.

Once you’ve discovered your style, drop by our store and let us help you pick the perfect pieces for your perfect decorating scheme.  We’ve got pieces that fit any style under the sun and dedicated professionals that will help you find what fits your budget.

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